Our Church

One can assume from the name of our Church that the Theotokos, the Mother of God, holds a special place in our hearts. As a parish, we try to embody in our actions the same love, faith and devotion to Christ that Mary, the Blessed Mother had for her Son and her God.

We are blessed with faithful communicants, who work tirelessly for the advancement of our parish. Among them are our young and progressive parish council members who offer new ideas and programs. We also have a full compliment of organizations, which encompass every age group. They include two women’s societies (the Melissa and the Alpha Omega), the choir, children’s choir, acolytes, Sunday School, Greek Language School, Goya and the Philoxenia House Philanthropic Group. Housing and accommodating all these parish programs is our beautiful and multi-functional Community Center, which more than meets our many social and spiritual needs.

It might be of interest to know that we have vibrant and extensive youth programs that one may not expect from such a small parish. We share in the common belief that our youth are our future and we go to great lengths to attend to their educational, cultural, social and spiritual needs.

Our parish is inclusive of diverse cultures and ethnicities and, through inter-faith marriages, religions. We always look forward to welcoming everyone to participate fully with their families in our various programs.

In 2009 we celebrated the One-Hundredth Anniversary of the founding of our church. As one may suspect, our roots are firmly planted in the Orthodox faith and its traditions. At the same time we are a community young in spirit, looking towards the future.

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